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Disc Golf Disc Packaging

Package design is a graphic design application intended to attract a consumer and present information; it combines two-and three-dimensional design, promotional design, information design, and practicality. The design process involves the complete strategic planning and designing of the form, structure, and appearance of the surface, which also functions as a casing. The surface and structure combined promote the brand, present information, and become an overall brand experience.

Design & mock up a 3-D package made up of three pieces that function as a group (for example: three parts, flavors or varieties within a single product brand “family”– three varieties of Oreo cookies; original, mint and chocolate). All content below should be shown inserted and or typed in your formatted process book.

Design Work

Disc Golf Disc Information Bands




Disc Golf (Backpack) Box Design

-Front of Box

-Inside Box

-Back of Box

3D Box Model



Final Product